Invest in Bitcoin | Best Bitcoin Faucets To Earn Free Bitcoins 2020

13 min readApr 29, 2019

Last Updated 2021/5/21 - Cointiply $686 balance withdrawn with screenshot.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction - Invest in Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Faucet - How to earn free Bitcoin
  3. Passive income - Invest in DeFi
  4. Bitcoin Freebies
  5. Bitcoin Exchanges
  6. Final Words

1. Introduction - Invest in Bitcoin

Do you want to be involved in cryptocurrency space and get some free Bitcoin? Or perhaps just want to finger out on “How to earn extra money or passive income?” Then you come to the right place!

I’ve joined crypto world back to the end of 2017 which people called “The great bubble”. I’ve learned some hard lessons when come to buy/trade bitcoin and cryptocurrency during the bubble burst and bear market through out 2018/2019.

One most important thing that I’ve learned is that invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrency is an accumulation game!!! You need to keep accumulating coins and stacking them up to increase your portfolio whenever you can. At the end, you will be rewarded.

However, not everyone is professional traders with time and money to invest or comfortable purchasing Bitcoin on exchanges. And, for some, depending on their geographic location, they might not have access to an exchange to buy bitcoin with fiat money. People also have different life situations. Some people may live in a busy work life that only got little time to spend and some people may have plenty of time every day to find something to do to earn some extra cash.

Does not matter what situation you are in. The million dollar’s question is, how to efficiently manage your TIME and turn it into a passive income that could worth a while in the near future.

Bitcoin faucets and Bitcoin reward programs includes DeFi are simple and easy ways to get free bitcoin and other free cryptocurrencies for those who want to be involved in the Crypto world. I’ve been doing bitcoin faucets and reinvest into my DeFi portfolio for sometimes now. There are high paying faucets and DeFi provider but certainly many are scam site which never pays out.

In this article, I’m not just going to show you the best legit bitcoin faucets and reward programs that pays but also tell you the best/secret techniques to fast accumulate bitcoin and reinvest to make money grow themselves become your passive income.

Before you read on: I am not a financial adviser. Everything I wrote here is based on my own observation and experience. It is not investment advice, it’s just a guide for people who is looking to start accumulating Bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin Faucet - How to earn free Bitcoin

What Are Bitcoin faucet and cryptocurrency faucet? Why do they give out free coins?

In a most simple term, these faucet websites generate revenue by displaying Ads. More people visit their sites and click on the ads they will generate more traffic/revenue. They reward users with set amount of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies when users completed these small ads tasks. For example, visit site roll the dice, click on a PTC ads and stay for certain time, watch videos, play games, complete survey offers and etc. Each of these tasks will generate different amount of bitcoins depends on its difficulties and how much time would need to complete.

How to use bitcoin faucet to accumulating bitcoin efficiently? (From few minutes a day to couple of hours a day, totally your decision) I will explain more in detail in below for each faucet.

A. Cointiply

Updated 2020/05/21: Made a decision to withdraw full balance from Cointiply. BTC has a major correction on 19/05/2021 drop from 43k down to 30K in a few hours. I figured this would be the best time to withdraw.

Made withdrawn request on the 19/05/2021 and received in my wallet on 21/05/2021. 48 hours not too bad. The amount does reduced a bit due to BTC climb back up close to 40k. But do not want to wait anymore.

Overall this cointiply journey teach me taking profit and withdraw at right time is import. If I withdraw my full balance back in April 2020 even balance at the time is only $400ish but satoshi value wise could be 10 times more than now. We talk about 0.1 btc / 4k USD VS working hard for 12 more months with 0.017ish btc /$680 USD.

Updated 2020/12/08: I’ve been slacking in the past several months due to personal issues related to COVID19. But finally major milestone has been made. $500 balance achieved in July. Now $581 in Nov 2020. A little regrets that I should withdraw to BTC in April 2020. Even though $ value grown from $427 to $581 just about 7 months time. But overall BTC value dropped 50% due to BTC price surge. So timing the market is very risky.

Cointiply is my favorite and the best Bitcoin faucet. It has the HIGHEST payouts on tasks/offers and it has a huge selection of them for earning bitcoin/Satoshis. The coin on Cointiply are paged to dollar. (10,000 coins equal to USD $1, if you complete a survey of 6,000 coins then you earn 60c or $0.6, just to give an idea earn $5 a day is not hard if you spend a couple of hours to do survey)

I withdrawn many times and no single issue. (Withdrawn to either BTC or DOGE.) The online support is awesome! Fast, responsive and helpful. Legit and recommended 100+!

Now they have a mobile App!! It makes the claim and access much easier. feel free to check it out in Google play store below. (You get 500 coins when you complete the offer to download and use it via offer area in cointiply!)

My strategy:

Turn on and unlock features/bonus below ASAP to maximize your gain:

· Loyalty bonus up to 100% (Daily consecutively claims for 100 days)

Easy — you will get max loyalty bonus in 3 months if you make at least 1 claim per day everyday consecutively.

· Cointiplier — Activity multiplier (Up to 2x)

Not Hard — Make sure you actively doing different tasks. Especially Offers, view PTC ads and hourly claims. You should easily unlock the multiplier on claims to 1.88x. (I never manage to maximize it to 2x) But 1.88 is enough. It raised hourly roll rewards to 55 coins, 83 coins, 134 coins and up to 700+ coins depends on higher and odd numbers you roll. It is quite a fair percentages that I roll into big/odd numbers pretty often. I even got 700+ coins couple of times.

· Cointiply activity levels and equipment system

Not Hard — you earn activity points on all tasks you do/all coins you earn on Cointiply! You level up as you go when you do more tasks. You can spend activity points or coins you earned to open chest which contains consumables and equipable items to boost your earnings! I recommend only use points rather than coins to open the chest! I normally save ups and only open the 1000 points chest to get better chance on rare items. What you are aiming for is equipable items to boost your offer earning. See below as an example, on level 47 you can unlock three equipable items slots. Assume you have three boost item equipped you are boosting your offer/survey earning by 8-9%!! (On a 4500 coin survey you will receive another 400+ coins as bonus!) Extra bonus pays out daily. As for the all other consumable items I just combine them into collection items and trade them into coins.

· 5% compound interest on coins (Apply to 35k+ coins) if you dont withdrawn and keep the balance.

Easy — Just go to settings and turn it on. When your balance reach 35k coins or over you automatically will receive interest. (Paid weekly but calculates daily)

One thing I love Cointiply is that it makes claim and doing tasks FUN. All above features does not require you to do anything extra!! You simply just do tasks and you will eventually get there!

· Chatroom rain! This is a new feature they added it just before xmas 2019. Basically you just need to keep active in the chatroom while you are doing all the other tasks, the system accumulated coins into rain pool from all members while they are doing their tasks. It will rain when the pool is full and distribute the coins base on % contribution which is the total tasks you’ve done during the time period.

Please see below some rain rewards I got. $5 is not too bad :)

Tasks I do:

Offers/Survey — Do all of Surveys as many as you can, when you can. There are a lot of offers including download mobile game and reach certain levels and some quiz.

Hourly Claim — Keep claiming hourly

PTC Ads — Its not time consuming at all, just view ads page for a few seconds and get paid. Do them when ever is available.

Just to clarify, Cointiply does offer tones of other tasks! Mining game, gambling multiplier game, view videos and etc.. The reason I don’t do those is based on my own judgement they are not as rewarded as the three main tasks listed above. Or you can spend time elsewhere to get much higher time/reward ratio! (Offers/Survey and claims on Coinpot faucets families or Firefaucet etc…)

On 2020/01/10: BTC Price around $7800 my Cointiply balance as below:

Updated 2020/04/21: BTC Price around $6800 my Cointiply balance as below:

Updated 2020/07/13: BTC Price around $9200 my Cointiply balance as below:

Updated 2020/11/19: BTC Price around $17,800 my Cointiply balance as below:

Updated 2020/12/08: BTC Price around $19,000 my Cointiply balance as below:

To summaries, doing survey, PTC and hourly claim as often as you can to earn coin and level up your account. Then equip good items to boost your every earnings and doing more tasks. Finally grow your account to accumulate compound interest and withdrawn when BTC bottom. To register Cointiply please click here.


Updated 2020/11/19: Start spend some time on this Firefaucet again. Done a withdraw last week and got it within 24 hours. So still legit and good paying faucet! Especially considering current BTC price at 18k!

This faucet is quite unique. The faucet (Every 30 minutes) and Offers/Survey you’ve complete it rewards you with “Auto Claim” points but not coin/Satoshi directly.

Then you have more than 10 coins to choose from to use these “Auto Claim” points to claim them all at once. You can choose the time frequency how often you want to claim them. (From 1 minute to 10 minutes per claim) Obviously the faster you claim the more reward you get but you also spend your claim points quickly.

My strategy:

· Do Offers/Surveys as much as you can to earn claims

· Do faucet every 30 minutes whenever you can

· Try to complete daily tasks to earn extra claim and Satoshi

· Only claim on no more than 5 coins at same time. Focus on a few that worth the claim. (I claim on BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX and DOGE)

· Do 4x Fast claim ONLY when you have more than 10K claims.

This is the highest paying rate. You should get more than 10000 satoshi daily on this. If you have enough claim points I would recommend this method. Rewards get paid to your FireFaucet account and you can withdraw at anytime with no fee to your linked addresses)

· Keep FireFaucet auto claim going as long as you can follow above.

· You can now exchange your claim points into BTC or any supported crypto instantly without waiting the auto claim. But there is 5% fee charge on that.

I complete at least one offer/survey daily to keep my auto faucet running all time in the maximum rate. Do as many tasks as you can to level up your account because each level grant you rewards with Bitcoin/Satoshi as well!!! There are 2000 levels to be rewarded!

To sum up, FireFaucet is more like a little mining machine running all time. (You must leave the Auto claim page open to make claim successful) All you need to do is to do faucet and Offers/Survey as much as you can to keep the coins accumulating. To register click here.

3. Passive income - DeFi Investment

This is a BIG part of the success equation. Turn all your hard earned/accumulated Bitcoins into passive income that grow compound interest everyday by using DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Top three pick that I use regularly. (Deposit/Withdrawn all the time tested legit and secure)

A. Celsius Network

Probably one of the best on the market that offers up to 10% compound weekly interest payout! Currently support BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, DASH, OMG, ZRX, EOS, CEL, USDT, UNI, UMA, SNX and more..

Celsius Network

Register here to get $10 bonus in BTC when you deposit first $200.

Also use below promotion code to get some free bitcoin! I already accumulated $200+ BTC for free just by using some of below promotion code! Just enter all code at once and deposit total required amount it will trig the code all at once.

CURRENT Celsius Network Promo Code:

On registration enter my referral code ( 1730202ecc ) we both get $20 in BTC for free when you do your first $200 deposit in any supported crypto.


ETCLABS — $5 free in ETC after Deposit $100 ETC, Hold for 30 Days
DNS — $25 free in BTC after Deposit $200, Hold for 30 Days
START — $10 free in USDC after Deposit $10 in any coins, Hold for 30 Days, Only apply to first time depositors
GOLD20 — $20 free in BTC after Deposit $200, Hold for 30 Days, Only apply to first time depositors

EXPIRED Celsius Network Promo Code:

FALL20— $20 free in BTC after Deposit $200, Hold for 30 Days, Only apply to first time depositors
SUMMER — $20 free in BTC after Deposit $200, Hold for 30 Days
SPRING — $10 free in BTC after Deposit $100, Hold for 30 Days
PAKMAN — $10 free in BTC after Deposit $100, Hold for 30 Days
POV — $10 free in BTC after Deposit $200, Hold for 30 Days
MINEABLE — $10 free in BTC after Deposit $100, Hold for 30 Days

GAIN50 - $50 free in BTC after depositing $500 and holding it for 30 days
CERTIFIED50 - $50 free in BTC after depositing $500 and holding it for 30 days
GAIN10 - $10 free in BTC after depositing $100 and holding it for 30 days
CERTIFIED10 - $10 free in BTC after depositing $100 and holding it for 30 days
NEWHOME - $10 free in CEL after depositing $500 and holding it for 30 days
HELLO 10 - $10 free in BTC after depositing $100 and holding it for 30 days
HELLO 50 - $50 free in BTC after depositing $500 and holding it for 30 days

B. BlockFi

Never put all eggs into one basket. BlockFi is another good legit DeFi that offers up to 8.6% compound interest paid monthly. Currently support BTC, USDC, ETH, LTC, GUSD and PAX.


Register here to get $10 in BTC with first $100 deposit in any currency.

I withdrawn regularly between these DeFi wallets to utilize promotion code free bitcoin that I can confirm it is legit and works!

C. MCO Credit Card and APP

This is probably the best ALL IN ONE passive income kit you can get to earn cryptocurrency.

Just imaging there is a credit card without annual fee and completely free to use and could earn you up to 5% cashback on all purchasing into bitcoin!

Wait! Free NETFLEX, Spotify, rebate on Expedia and more!!

MCO Credit Card

Register here to get $25 in CRO. mobile app has many earn interest product. I am in the process writing a detailed guide on how to use and utilize the app and ecosystem. I will post link in here soon. Ecosystem

4. Bitcoin Freebies

Faucets or free crypto tasks that worth the time to do.

Coinbase Earn:


$10 FREE XLM is hourly claim and dice games, 30000 Satoshi withdrawn limit and legit tested.

5. Bitcoin Exchanges

Now you have accumulated some bitcoins and it’s time to deposit/transfer your earnings into exchanges to either trade to fiat money or other desire cryptocurrency and boost your portfolio!

Binance — In my opinion, the best Crypto exchange.

FTX— Well established exchange with lots of new Cypto currencies. Free withdrawn as well. So far getting really popular. Highly recommended.

6. Final Words

If you read until now I believe you have some good knowledge on bitcoin faucet and DeFi bitcoin rewards programs. And how to use them efficiently to accumulate your first bitcoin. At last but not the least ALWAYS turn on your 2FA on accounts to give extra protection and security to your hard earned bitcoin!!!

If you think my article is helpful please share with friends and give me a thumbs up. I would be grateful if you use the link in the article to register. If I missed some good faucets and reward programs please comment down below. I will give them a try and update the list.

That’s it, happy accumulating Bitcoin!

The future is already here.